Soulvibes – Every quote has a story

Hello Friend,

welcome to Soulvibes, the unique label with literally vibrating clothes!

Now, it’s possible to „dress up a special mood/energy“.

Yeah, you may not believe it, but when you are driven towards a special shirt or quotation, you will feel: There are vibes transported by this shirt, already while you sit in front of your pc or smartphone looking at it ❤

Soulvibes Hoodie (Klick on this)

Every Quote Has A Story Soulvibes Arctic White T-Shirt Front


Soulvibes – how it works

This has a special reason, for each quotation came deep out of my soul on my journey through Andalucia (and back to my most authentic self!).

I feel, how much energy is related to these special clothes and words, so I created this label for your own sake: Now, you can wear what resonances with you – and when you dress up, you directly will FEEL these encouraging, soothing or supporting vibes!

They will help you stand the struggles of life and will remind yourself and all around you of what is really important! Unconsciously, you will resonate on a different plane with your goals, your most wanted way of life, your most desired feelings and moods!

Before I emigrated, I had a coffee cup with the saying: „Don’t dream your life, live your dreams“. This was my own personal carrot (you know, each donkey needs it as motivation) to hold on to my dreams and goals. So this always touches your innermost and your subconscious thinking, what helps you massively to think and act in your goal’s direction!

Coffee cup (Klick on this)

Every Quote Has A Story Soulvibes White T-Shirt Front
LoA in perfection

When you already know something about the Law of Attraction, especially when you have already heard – or feel – about the energetic vibes around and within us, you will see and feel how different these clothes and things (Coffee cups, bags) are. Don’t spend your money of senseless wear – when you can wear phantastic moods and vibes instead!

(A wonderful side effect is, that this label will be detected by those around you who are likeminded – this way, it will help you find „your soul’s tribe“.)

Soulvibes Mach Dein Ding

Here on this board, you can re-read the stories behind every single cloth or quotation, so you will always be able to remember what helps you hold your head up high and keep your faith strong! ❤

Women’s T-shirt (Klick on this)

Every Quote Has A Story Soulvibes White T-Shirt Front

May peace and love fill your heart, may your soul start to sing and will you regain trust in life, your own faith and your inner strength!


I made everything in high quality but still to an affordable price – for I would really, really LOVE to see everybody of you smile, be happy and absolutely in love with life! ❤

This is the first series, so it’s limited to 20 items – I already found shirts and other items, that have a more individual style, so other colours and items will follow soon – as long as you react!
Now, it’s up to you: Try it, spread the word, share the post – or this wonderful possibility to make our world a better place together will directly die within the next 10 days!
Be one of them who influence and inspire our world, who wear inspiring clothes – the world can change WITH YOUR attempt and support!

Bag (Klick here please)


Information about shopping and shipping

These items are produced „on demand“ what means: The coming 10 days are used to collect your votes. When we have enough votes, it will be produced and shipped within 10-15 days.
I have to figure out how many orders will come from the US, so I will eventually produce the items in Europe as well as in the US.

P.S.: I’m no native english speaker, so please ignore false grammar – or better: Help me to improve; I would be very thankful for your notification.