85 questions to discover yourself

Some days ago, I stumbled over a blogpost, that did not leave my mind: on myMONK, Tim asks 85 questions, you should answer yourself.
I did it today on german, but I also want you to get these questions also.

I hope, my translation isn’t that bad, but of cause, I’m always grateful for corrections to approve my english, so please message me with advices, where I have to fix my mistakes. 🙂

But now, here we go:

(0. When did you have the last time took the time to ask yourself important questions?)

Who are you (in one sentence)?

How would you describe your life (in one sentence)?

Do you love yourself? Why or why not?

How does love feel like?

What is your passion?

When has your life for the last time felt like an adventure?

Is that what you’re doing, what you want to do?

What does your inner child craves most?

Why does it matter that you exist?

What stands between you and your happiness?

What is your next important step?

What are you missing in your life?

With what do you burden yourself?

How did you have created problems and chaos in your life?

Why are you so stressed out?

What do you owe yourself?

Where do you judge too quickly?

Do you believe what you see, or do you see, what do you believe in?

Of What are you really convinced, for what would you put your hand in the fire?

What makes you laugh?

What inspires you?

What can you give?

What makes you sad?

When did you cry the last time- and when before an Other?

What are you afraid of?

Where/when did your fear stopped you to do the right thing?

What did you feared for a long time, which now does not makes you afraid?

What makes you proud – and what would make you more proud?

When did you have made yourself the last time a compliment from the heart?

When you’ve spoken to someone else the last time a compliment from the heart?

When did you last time celebrated one of your successes?

How do you feel when you say „No“?

How do you feel when you say „Yes“?

What was the most difficult decision of your life?

What was the best decision of your life?

When do you feel secure?

When you feel guarded?

What are you thinking when you hear „home“ or „homeland“?

What are you grateful for?

What are you convinced of is your birthright – and why?

What is your earliest childhood memory?

What is the best thing about getting older?

What are You wasting in your life?

What you should spend more time on?

How important are to you: love, friendship, freedom, growth, health, adventure, success, security, money, satisfaction and influence – and in what order?

What does freedom mean to you?

What does peace mean to you?

What does success mean to you?

What did you always wanted to have … and have not yet?

Which decision will you meet in this year, that could be the most important for your next years?

Is there a difference between live and existence?

What dream do you want to realize the most urgent in the next 5 years?

When starting, if not today?

Is it better to try and go off, and not to arrive at the destination … or not to start at all?

Which 5 people you spend the most time with- do they enrich you and do you enrich them?

With whom should you spend more time?

Why do we think most of a person when he/she’s gone?

What would you never ever do?

What have you done, of which you thought you’d do it never?

Would you say that stealing is always wrong?

Where in your life have you told yourself things are better, than you honestly thought they were?

What’s the biggest lie in what you have believed before?

What did you have learned in the last 12 months about yourself?

What of you have never changed?

What frustrates you the most?

How would your family and your friends describe you?

What secret do you carry around with you?

What is much easier for you to handle than for others?

What is much harder for you to handle than for others?

Would you describe the world as rather bad or rather well?

If you think life is unfair – what’s your conclusion out of it?

What’s „loyalty/fidelity“ in a partnership for you?

To whom you can rely?

Whom can you make happy today?

What qualities of your fellowmen, you can find the greatest which hardest bearable – and what could that have to do with you?

What remains of you, if we take out all yours possessions and all relationships?

Where would you emigrate, if you’d have – and why?

What do you take too seriously what you see too loose?

What would you do differently if you knew to be not condemned for?

Where should you break the rules?

When did you tried something completely new the last time?

What would you do if you knew that you had to live only 1 year?

What would you do if you had achieved all your financial / material goals?

If you could bring one idea among the people, what would it be?

How do You realize that it’s time for you to change something?

Ooookay, now you should know yourself very well, your strength, and also, where to work on.
Hopefully, you enjoyed these questions, they challenged yourself a bit and you can see your life more clear than before?


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