Follow your inner melody- write your own song!

Today I woke up with the phrase

„Follow your song“

– and that’s exactly what I myself do and what I always offer as my help for you.

Did you ever noticed that man is the only thing on this planet that does not live naturally?

Everything natural is giving

And if you look out in more detail, for which purpose do the trees live or flows the river? They do what they do naturally, they GIVE.
The tree nourishes our air, and many other small creatures, with fruits often enough also us. The river feeds the nature, sums up the water, which occurs as rain or snow melt, and is an important part of ours or others small being‘s habitat.
So you can look at every element of nature, whether stone, bee, cloud or cow.

And we humans? Are we ever here for something good ???

I say: Yes! We have just forgotten. We stopped to listen to our inner melody, as did many generations before us.
I have no idea, when exactly it started, it must have been hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.
Eventually, man began himself in exchange for security and protection to bend and to sell himself, and has done things that do not correspond to its nature.
Thus, for generations children from an early age by her naturalness gone out educated to conform. Actually, the world today is mostly nothing more than an army of well-functioning robots with prosperity deseases – caused by the unnatural lifestyles.

Escapees and individualists

And then we read of „escapees“, dropouts who follow their inner melody again. Then we see successful artists, burn for what they do. Completely out of the mainstream, and we admire them with a kind of longing that we often can not even tell us. There are voices that touch us deeply.
Touch deep, because they just reach this point in us: The song is in us there, and precisely this point resonates with them, even if they do something completely different from what it would tell us our tune. No one says that it is comfortable. But it also nnot said, that it should be easy! What You pull in front, a comfortable life but without content, or one that rocks and you can burn to it each and every day?

What‘s about you, don‘t you want to lead a more fulfilling life?

Do you hear your own tune now and then, very silently? Do you feel the related desire?

Let us step into the journey to listen to our tunes together and bring the whole world to be sounded with our songs. If everyone were to follow their inner melodies, then there would be no wars, no hunger and no suffering. Our inner melody involves an equally natural for one another, as it is customary usual for the rest of nature, and if we deny it or not, know that we are part of it!

I’m with you on this journey; in conversation, as questioner, as a helper. Together we rock a new life!


Sabine C. Dreßler

Flow’n grow!


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