Interrupt your stress cycle easily whenever you need it

My first aid Destressing tool for you:

Please take your 5 minutes for you.

Unlock your phone, close your PC / Laptop / Tablet,

seeking out a quiet place, without radio, TV, family members of colleagues which could always distract or disturb.

And now: Breathe!

Yes, you have read correctly: Breathe!

Inhale through the nose, but not as you (mostly) were used to, into the chest, but start with fill-in the space a few inches below your belly button (one hand width). (In Tai Chi, this region is called the Tan Chen). Now you do not stop, however, if you have the feeling that this area is full, but follow the urge of your body to extend the inhalation almost waving over the center of your body to the chest-inside.

Then, and only then, if it is filled, do you think for a moment before you backwards following the path (first chest, then follow also the Tan Chen about the middle of the same shaft) exhale on just such a way by mouth.

Let it also to be followed by a short pause here.

At the beginning of breathing, this may be felt unfamiliar, the cycles may not seem or be very long.

You will, however, if you do it regularly, be able to extend these periods.

My current average is about 4-6 breath cycles per minute, just as a little clue. 🙂

You can- in these hectic times, reduce your anti-stress breathing on three really good, deep cycle limits, you may also, for a better result expand your „for-you-time“ to ten or more minutes, and it’s also okay if you remain at 5 minutes- but one you should not stop:

make it regularly!

The body as well as the spirit need regularity, and especially if you’re caught in the rat race for some time, it is important ‚to effectively interrupt the vicious cycle of stress.

So stay tuned! Do it while you are waiting at traffic lights, use the waiting time at the supermarket checkout, do it consciously, while you cook dinner while you go out there- especially if you particularly enjoy something!

It enhances the effect, especially if you later with the deep breathing in waiting moments will knit the enjoyment of the moment as „Shortrelaxation“.

How do you get to more sustainable construction De-stress and / Track your personal goal, you can find more information, videos and testimonials on my website


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